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•  Tony Bryntesson   (Norrahammar)   •
Driver:  Tony Bryntesson Team: Bryntesson Motorsport  (2020)
City: Norrahammar  
Age: 63
Driver since...: 1981-1995. 2020-
Team member since:  2020
Club:  SHRA Jönköping

Brand:  A-Fuel Dragster
Built by: Hadman
Chassis: Hadman
Fuel: Nitro
Poweradder: None
A-Fuel Dragster
Rear end: Chrisman
Brand:  Ford Mustang GT
Built in: 2018
Built by: Ford
Chassis: Ford
Body: Mustang
Color: Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Poweradder: None
Best ET: 12,52
Best speed: 186
Ford Mustang GT
Motor: Ford
Volume: 5,0
Lars Theander  Role:  Team Manager 
Team member since:  1979

Yvonne Ljungeskog  Role:  Catering 
Team member since:  1981

Christer Runald  Role:  Engine 
Team member since:  1989

Bosse Davidsson  Role:  Engine 
Team member since:  1991

Peter Sidlo  Role:  Engine  
Team member since:  2013

Niclas  Andersson  Role:  Data logg 
Team member since:  2015

Christoffer Holm  Role:  Clutch/Engine 
Team member since:  2020

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