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•  Summit racing equipment (Scandinavian) internationals  

Summit racing equipment (Scandinavian) internationals
Summit racing equipment (Scandinavian) internationals
Organizer:   Tierp Arena 
Track:   Tierp Arena  
Race date: 2018-08-23 - 2018-08-26
Last registration: 2018-07-25
Late registration: 2018-08-12
Due to construction workand possibly new layout in the pits, there might be changes that affects yor class.

Any shipments made to Tierp Arena for your team MUST be marked with:
Ship To: Tierp Arena
Sold To: Your Team Name.
Tierp Arena will not pass any goods that do not comply with this. The reason behind this is the Swedish customs rules, where the “Sold To” are fully responsible for the freight accountable for custom clearance.
Visit http://tierparena.com/teaminfo/ (team-password: Tierp2016!) for additional information about the race, pricing etc.
Fire extinguisher: 6 kg mandatory, clearly visible in pit space

(327 teams registered)

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Top Fuel Dragster 
Top Methanol Dragster 
Top Methanol Funny Car 
Pro Stock Car 
Pro Modified Car 
Top Fuel Motorcycle 
Super Twin Top Fuel Bike 
Pro Stock Motorcycle 
Super Street Bike 
Competition Eliminator 
Stock/Super Stock 
Pro Street 
Super Comp 
Super Street 
Super Gas 
Super Pro ET 
Pro ET 
Super Comp Bike 
Super Gas Bike 
Junior Dragster 
Junior Dragbike 

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