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•  Anita Haga   (Skogn)   •
Driver:  Anita Haga Team: Sollia Racing  (2005)
City: Skogn  
Age: 52
Driver since...: 2007
Team member since:  2005
Start no. of Year.:  6980

Brand:  Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Class: Pro ET , Sportman
Built by: Karsken & Arne Genser
Poweradder: None
Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Motor: 383
Gearbox: th-350
Rear end: 8,5
Stein Arild  Skjetnmark   
City:  Skogn      
Team member since:  2005

Ingvar  Johansen   
City:  Levanger      
Team member since:  2005

Gerd  Haga   
City:  Levanger      
Team member since:  2005

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