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•  Sverre Dahl   (Rasta)   •
Driver:  Sverre Dahl  
City: Rasta  
Age: 61
Driver since...: 1984

Brand:  Top Fuel Bike
Class: Top Fuel Bike , Top Fuel Motorcycle
Built in: 2009
Built by: eget
Fuel: Nitro
Poweradder: None
Top Fuel Bike
Motor: Yamaha billet
Volume: 1400cc
Clutch: Karling
Gearbox: Bentec
Kirsten Soevre  Role:  Crew 
Age: 61 

Morten Dekko  Role:  Crew 
Age: 61 

Tone  Schei  Role:  Crew 
Age: 55 

Svein  Holterhuset  Role:  Crew 
Age: 66 

Stefan Hoterhuset  Role:  Crew 

Gitte Rosenlund   
Age: 64 

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