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•  Andreas  Ruud   (Rakkestad )   •
Driver:  Andreas  Ruud Team: Ruud Motorsport  (2017)
City: Rakkestad  
Age: 33
Driver since...: 2018
Team member since:  2017
Start no. of Year.:  2460

Brand:  1979 Chevrolet Malibu
Class: Small Tire Stock Suspension , Small Tire Stock Suspension , Street 8,6 , Real Street , Street
Built in: 2016-2017
Built by: Andreas Ruud
Chassis: Stock
Body: Wagon
Color: Blue
Painted by: Andreas Ruud
Poweradder: NOS
Best ET: 8,871
Best speed: 245,6
1979 Chevrolet Malibu
Motor: Sbc
Volume: 400ci
Block: Dart Little m
Heads: AFR245
Gearbox: Th400
Rear end: 9 ford
Kenneth  Johannessen   

Thor Anders  Holtet   

Frode  Fosby   

Emil  Grenness Mathisen   

Marte Emilie  Karlsen    

Marius  Dehnes   

Benjamin  Lysaker   

Kim  Hassel   
Rakkestad Slange service AS
Ruud Eiendom
Aarnes Amerikanske bildeler
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