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•  2024 FIM-E European DR MC & EDRS PRO NMC  

2024 FIM-E European DR MC & EDRS PRO NMC
2024 FIM-E European DR MC & EDRS PRO NMC
Organizer:   Drag Racing Europe AB 
Race date: 2024-05-30 - 2024-10-30
Last registration: 2024-10-30
Who shall pay VAT? - private drivers all nationalities- non VAT registered companies all nationalities- Swedish VAT registered companies. The EARLY REGISTRATION is open until April 30, the amount to be paid including VAT is EUR 650. STANDARD REGISTRATION is EUR 813 including VAT.
Who shall NOT pay VAT?- VAT registered companies outside Sweden. The company VAT number must be included in your drivers profile at dragracing.eu to be valid. If the VAT number is missing/not valid, DRE claim the right to invoice 25% VAT afterwards. The amount to be paid for EARLY REGISTRATION, excluding VAT, is EUR 520. For STANDARD REGISTRATION the amount is EUR 650 excl VAT. Championship website: https://www.fim-europe.com/drag-bike

(52 teams registered)

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