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•  2024 FIA European Drag Racing Championship  

2024 FIA European Drag Racing Championship
2024 FIA European Drag Racing Championship
Organizer:   Drag Racing Europe AB  & Drag Racing Europe AB
Race date: 2024-12-31
Last registration: 2024-09-01
Who shall pay VAT? - private drivers all nationalities- non VAT registered companies all nationalities- Swedish VAT registered companies. . The EARLY REGISTRATION is open until APRIL 25, the amount to be paid including VAT is EUR 800. STANDARD REGISTRATION is EUR 1.000 including VAT.
Who shall NOT pay VAT?- VAT registered companies outside Sweden. The company VAT number must be included in your drivers profile at dragracing.eu to be valid. If the VAT number is missing/not valid, Speedgroup claim the right to invoice 25% VAT afterwards. The amount to be paid for EARLY REGISTRATION, excluding VAT, is EUR 640. For STANDARD REGISTRATION the amount is EUR 800 excl VAT. Web site: www.dragracingeurope.com

(40 teams registered)

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Top Methanol 
Pro Stock Car 
Pro Modified Car 
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